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Ce wiki est une documentation du dispositif m@gistère aussi bien dans sa dimension technique (plateforme) que dans sa dimension pédagogique (dispositif de formation continue des personnels de l'éducation).

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Types of extensions


20px <translate> Parser tags</translate>

<translate> Parser tags extend the built-in wiki markup with additional capabilities, whether simple string processing, or full-blown information retrieval.</translate>


20px <translate> Parser functions</translate>

<translate> Parser functions are special wiki markup syntax that can 'interact' with other wiki elements in the page, and give a specific output.</translate>


20px <translate> Hooks</translate>

<translate> Hooks allow custom code to be executed when some defined event (such as saving a page or a user logging in) occurs.</translate>


20px <translate> Special pages</translate>

<translate> Special pages are pages that are created by the software on demand to perform a specific function.</translate>


20px <translate> Skins</translate>

<translate> Skins allow users to customize the look and feel of MediaWiki.</translate>


20px <translate> Magic words</translate>

<translate> Magic words are a technique for mapping a variety of wiki text strings to a single ID that is associated with a function.</translate>


20px <translate> Modèle:Abbr</translate>

<translate> MediaWiki provides an action API, a web service that allows access to some wiki-features like authentication, page operations, and search.</translate>


20px <translate> Page content models</translate>

<translate> The <tvar

20px <translate> Authentication</translate>

<translate> MediaWiki provides SessionManager and AuthManager, two authentication-related frameworks to enhance security via custom authentication mechanisms.</translate>



Browsing extensions

You can browse <tvar|cat>Modèle:Ll</> to see the full range of extensions that have already been written.</translate> <translate> For information on installing these extensions or writing your own, see below.

Consulter la documentation Moodle

MoodleDocs en français

La documentation Moodle (le système sur lequel est construit m@gistère) propose de nombreuses fiches pratiques qui sont la plupart du temps valables pour m@gistère.